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Comfy Sweatpants

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Give the gift of coziness with our best-selling cotton cashmere sweatpants.

The comfiest, coziest sweatpants on the planet are back and better than ever.

Each pair is lovingly lined with plush, luscious cotton cashmere that's 100% vegan (and 100% irresistible).

The Perfect Gift Idea

Cotton cashmere is lighter, softer, and keeps you insulated three-times better than wool.

The plush knit backing is comparable with natural fur and has a high warmth to weight ratio.

Make sure you don't miss out, and grab them while they're available - Stock is very limited.

SIZE CHART  - All our sweatpants fit true to size

XS 23-24.5 35 37
S/M 25 - 29.5 36 38
L 27 - 32 37 39
XL 28 - 36 38 41
XXL 30 - 40 38.5 42.5

Note: Sizes are in inches.


Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry.

Our sweatpants wick away moisture from your body, keeping you warm even if you get caught in the rain or snow.


Cashmere knitwear does not require soaking. To wash your garment, dip it in cold water—best if turned inside out—using only a small amount of delicate detergent, and proceed to massage lightly. In case of stains, gently rub the area directly with detergent. Rinse by pressing softly without wringing or twisting. Excess water can be removed by rolling the garment in a towel on a flat surface and pressing gently. This will allow your sweater to dry more quickly.

In order to maintain its original shape, your cashmere garment should be laid flat to dry, avoiding direct sunlight or other heat sources. Turn your sweater over at least once, allowing it to dry well on both sides, making sure that the sleeves are not dangling from the surface.

If the garment has been properly washed and dried and does not have any creases, it can be worn without ironing. Should it be necessary however, steam using a hand-held steamer from a slight distance or iron inside-out, placing a cotton rag between the iron and the garment.


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